With many years of (research) experience and interdisciplinary expertise, we improve the design of spaces, products, services, interactions and processes. Evidence-based design is our approach. We are characterised by a participative approach; we involve all relevant stakeholders in finding solutions from the very beginning. People are the focus, technology serves as a means to an end.

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Status quo and analysis

Every change process begins with the recording, collection and evaluation of facts. We survey the current situation and create a common picture of the starting position, we evaluate the findings and we identify solution and optimisation options.


We advise and support the private sector, the public sector and scientific institutions in solving problems and implementing strategies. Our consulting services include construction and design processes as well as digital solutions such as websites, apps or online platforms.

Simulation und Co-Prototyping

Through simulation and co-prototyping, planning errors can be identified and avoided in early project stages. Processes are optimised and the acceptance of future spaces, products and services is increased. This increases planning reliability and helps to avoid costs that arise from incorrect planning, subsequent structural adjustments or low employee satisfaction.

With the help of simulations, we check rooms, products or systems using virtual and real models. We develop and test ideas with the help of prototypes – hand in hand with the relevant stakeholders.

Innovation network

To promote and support the local, regional and supra-regional innovation network, we make our premises, our network and our expertise pool available for events, meetings and workshops. The following can be rented:

  • Open-Space-Workshops
  • Project-Owner-Suites
  • Start-up desks
  • Material archive
  • Podcast, learning and video studio
  • Demonstration area
  • Welcome zone and catering area