Projects SCDH and HCCD

From 2007 until today, more than 60 projects have been realized within the interdepartmental working group Health Care Communication Design – HCCD of the Bern University of Applied Sciences. The long-standing research activity of the HCCD working group forms a large part of the foundation of the SCDH – the SCDH builds on it and the projects and experience gained from it. Below, both SCDH and HCCD projects are documented. They are each labeled HCCD or SCDH.

The complete project list can be found on the German site.

Talking pictures – communication aid for patients and nursing staff


Research Group Health Care Communication Design / Funding: Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bangerer-Rhyner Foundation

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Age-appropriate spatial design at Lindenhofspital


Lindenhofspital is increasingly caring for older patients who are suffering from dementia. How should the spatial environment be designed so that this group of patients can orientate themselves better?

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