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Montag, 10. Juli 2023

Online-Vorträge anlässlich des Symposiums ‹Design and Health -Practice, Research and Social Relevance›

Im Rahmen des Symposiums 'Design and Health - Practice, Research and Social Relevance' finden drei Vorträge statt, die von allen Interessierten online geteilt werden können.

Bitte melden Sie sich hier für das Streaming an. Wir senden Ihnen dann den Link per E-Mail zu.

Die angegebenen Zeiten entsprechen der European Standard Time CEST.

Daniel Wahl, PhD
Regenerative Design for Human and Planetary Health
July 10 2023 11:00

In this dialogue/interview Jorge Frascara will be speaking with Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl about his 2006 PhD research entitled Design for Human and Planetary Health: A Holistic / Integral Approach to Complexity and Sustainability and how it formed the basis for his professional practice and his 2016 book Designing Regenerative Cultures. The latter has rapidly gained international acclaim and has so far been translated into 8 languages. The link between the notion of scale-linking salutogenic design connecting personal, community, ecosystems and planetary health and the now rapidly growing interest in regenerative development and design offers a context within which design and health practitioners not only collaborate but discover a shared purpose that is vital to the survival of humanity.

Arch. Angela Mazzi
Improving our Environment: Exploring the design/health axis
July 10 2023, 13:40

Design is an ecosystem. Space feels like something. In that case, why wouldn’t we want to leverage what we know to make environments and quality of life better? This track will explore the biology and neuroscience impacts of design and discuss a salutogenic framework to create wellbeing.

Guillermina Noël, pHD
‹Make your magic.› Can designers foster caring between patients and healthcare providers?
July 10 2023, 14:40

The awareness of design as a discipline has increased in healthcare. However, there is no clarity about how design contributes to a better quality of care. How is that design helps improve the life circumstances of a person? We know that life is a process that takes place in interconnected networks. We have learned that well-being is a constant dynamic process that happens in the interaction of the person with the environment, whether it being social, cognitive, or natural. So, do we develop patterns of connections? Do we design emerging conditions to facilitate exchange, conversation, new knowledge, a supportive climate, and care? How is that we create possibilities for caring to emerge? This presentation will discuss scenarios to collectively explore where design contributes, and perhaps even how could design better contribute.  

Dr. Juan P. Brito
Designers and health practitioners› collaboration at the Mayo Clinic
July 11, 2023, 16:00

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