Thank you!

Since 2007, the SCDH and the HCCD research group have been working on innovative projects with a diverse group of partners – some of you we have known for years, some of you we got to know just recently. Since we are momentarily unable to meet with you in person, let us express our gratitude this way.

Partners working in care, the operating theatre, in training, in management: you are all presented with the arduous task of keeping our society safe – a lot of times putting your own health at risk for the greater good. Fearless and selfless.

Partners working in hospitals, in health care facilities, in governmental institutions, in private companies: you are all tackling enormous challenges and accept responsibility for the health of many people in this country. We see and value your tireless effort – and thank you for it!

We are proud to work with all of you!

The Board of Directors of the Swiss Center of Design and Health


Swiss Center for Design and Health (SCDH)

In June 2019 the public-private-partnership Swiss Center for Design and Health was founded by the Bern University of Applied Sciences, University of Bern, Insel Group, Visana, Girsberger, LerNetz und komform. The center focusses its design-driven research on the question of how the health systems of the future can become more effective, economical, ecological, safer and generally more innovative.

The Swiss Center for Design and Health will be Switzerland’s foremost center at the interface between design and healthcare, and will have an international impact. To this end, it has an experienced team of professionals in the fields of design, healthcare, architecture, business, sociology, technology and IT, drawn jointly from the Bern University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bern. In addition to that, it collaborates closely with leading partners from business and science, both national and international.

Overall lead
Prof. Dr. Arne Scheuermann

Managing Director
Stefan Sulzer

VR / Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Abel
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine – ISPM / Universität Bern

Dr. Paula Adomeit
Direktion Pflege Insel Spital Bern

Adèle Thorens Goumaz
Member of the Council of States of Switzerland

Dr. Kate Molesworth
Swiss Centre for International Health, Swiss TPH

André Nietlisbach
Generalsekretär Wirtschafts-, Energie- und Umweltdirektion Kanton Bern (Secretary General Ministry of Economic, Energy and Environmental Affairs of the canton of Bern)

Danielle Quaile
CEO Girsberger

Prof. Dr. Arne Scheuermann
Berner Fachhochschule (Bern University of Applied Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wörwag (President)
Rektor Berner Fachhochschule (Dean Bern University of Applied Sciences)

International Advisory Board

Raimund Erdmann
Human Centered Design in Health Care, PharmTech / MedTech Brugg, Switzerland

Prof. Jorge Frascara
Designer / Prof. emer. University of Alberta, Edmonton

Prof. Dr. Anjali Joseph
Professor of Architecture, Director of the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing, School of Architecture, Clemson University, South Carolina

Prof. Dr. Ciara Kierans
Professor Public Health, University of Liverpool

Prof. Dr. Evelyne de Leeuw
Professor of Health Political Science UNSW Sydney and Ingham Institute / Director Centre for Health Equity Training, Research and Evaluation / Director Healthy Urban Environments (HUE) Collaboratory

Prof. Dr. Debajyoti Pati
Professor Interior and Environmental Design, Texas Tech University / Director North America Chapter, International Academy for Design and Health / Chair, Building Research Council, National Institute of Building Sciences

Prof. Ruth West
Professor  at the College of Visual Art and Design, College of Engineering, and College of Science, University of North Texas / Director xREZ Art + Science Laboratory

Prof. Helle Wijk
Professor/RN, Institution for Health and Caring Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Guest professor at Chalmers University Department of Health Care Architecture, Sweden

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeltner
Professor of Public Health, Bern University / Former Director General of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health


Health Care Communication Design
Die interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe Health Care Communication Design (HCCD) vereinigt verschiedene Forschende der Berner Fachhochschule BFH und befasst sich mit Problemstellungen rund um das Kommunikationsumfeld, die Architektur, die Gestaltung und die kommunikativen Praktiken im Gesundheitswesen.


Swiss Center for Design
and Health AG
c/o Hochschule der Künste Bern
Fellerstrasse 11
3027 Bern

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