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Monday, July 10, 2023, 6:00 p.m.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeltner: Love Is in the Center of Healthcare 

Public lecture by the President of the Swiss Red Cross, Prof. Dr. Thomas Zeltner.

As part of the fourth International Advisory Board Meeting, the Swiss Center for Design and Health invites all interested parties to a public lecture by Prof. Dr Thomas Zeltner (new President of the Swiss Red Cross, Professor of Public Health, University of Bern, Former Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health).

The lecture will be streamed. You can request the link here.

The most frequently used picture to describe the healthcare systems is: «in the center of healthcare is the patient.» Is this appropriate? Is healthcare not more about a relationship? A relationship between someone asking for help and someone trying to relieve the suffering of another human being? And in this sense, it is not in essence a relationship of mutual trust and love

If yes:

  • How do we design this relationship? (In the case of an emergency, in the case of a person with multiple chronic diseases, in the case of language and/or cultural barriers? etc.)
  • What are the core needs and expectations of the patient?
  • What are the core requirements for a healthcare provider to be a caring partner in this relationship?
  • How do we build an environment that allows for such a humane interaction?

Let’s discuss these questions and come up with a meaningful agenda for the future of healthcare here and globally.

The lecture will be held in English.
Swiss Center for Design and Health, Ipsachstrasse 16, 2560 Nidau

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